Workshop Description

Meeting Calamity With Serenity” Speakers and PRGs Event

--This is a PILOT event--

Sunday April 26th 12:30PM-2:30PM PDT (UTC -7)

Sponsored by Northwest Debtors Anonymous Intergroup

Event website with sign-ups and Zoom information:

We are in the midst of a time of unprecedented changes, both on a global level as well in deeply personal ways. The corona virus (COVID-19) is having a powerful impact on societies worldwide and bringing massive changes to our usual ways of living: financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Debtor’s Anonymous provides both a spiritual solution as well as a practical foundation for how to move forward from 'survival' mode to living in serenity and peace, regardless of the realities of our current life circumstances. No matter how this pandemic has impacted you, you are welcome here!

D.A. Speakers

Two D.A. Members will speak for 10 minutes each, sharing their Experience, Strength and Hope on the topic of living in the Promises of recovery and finding serenity, sanity and solvency in the midst of this pandemic.

Speakers are active members of the D.A. Community who are working D.A.’s 12 Steps, and using D.A.'s 12 Tools and 12 Traditions as the foundation for having a spiritual experience.

Emergency Pressure Relief Groups (PRGs)

If you are facing an imminent financial or health crisis, have lost your source of income, work in unsafe, even dangerous conditions, have difficulty meeting basic needs for food, shelter, medical care etc. related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may sign up to receive an emergency PRG ‘pressure relief meeting.'

If you are an experienced DA member, please join us and sign up to give a Pressure Relief Group (PRG) to someone in need!

As PRG Teams become available, each team of two D.A. Members in recovery meet with you to help relieve your biggest pressures. PRG teams guidance is based on 12 Step spiritual principles, and teams assist you to develop an ‘action steps’ plan. To sign up to receive or give an emergency PRG (Pressure Relief Group, please visit the event website at the link above, or click here:
Sign up for workshop

This 'PRG marathon' is moderated by members active in the Debtor’s Anonymous Fellowship on behalf of all persons impacted by COVID-19 (coronavirus) The focus of this marathon is for D.A. members in recovery to share ways of finding serenity, sanity and solvency even in the midst of this pandemic by working D.A.’s 12 Steps, 12 Tools and 12 Traditions. Through the Fellowship of D.A. we can ‘pass on’ to each other experience, strenght, and hope, and the promises of recovery, even while we are all in the midst of ‘calamity’ with vast economic, spiritually, physically, and emotionally life-changing aspects of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The first 100 people to sign up can attend. (100 maximum for this workshop.) We hope you can join us! Please forward this message to those in need of help.